Your point is valid but, in defense of my statement, it does say ‘almost all’. That was not meant to be just a hard factual statement but a statement of expectation by the majority. And, yes, there are still remnants of alternative universes maintained tentatively in remote areas.

When encountered these remnant universes can be shockingly sophisticated and inexplicably accurate without the vast scientific infrastructure that we rely on. But that is partially, at least, an illusion as they have developed hypothetical models based on centuries or millennia of observation, thought, and discussion. The scientific method and still begin with this. Einstein worked exclusively with thought problems and mathematical logic. Objective proof is the critical addition that was not possible before.

But that is a side note. What the people, whom you saw in PBS, did was to bring their warning based on observation to help prevent a very visible destruction. I’ve personally had something very like that happen to me forty years ago in a fairly remote Lao village. A ‘mountain monk’ came to the village and was very excited to see us (I was working with two Peace Corps volunteers on a small dam for the village’s water supply. With the aid of our young Lao interpreter he delivered an important message that he had been observing us foreigners and the war we were fighting. He wanted us to know that he was working very hard on a cure for the disease that was causing us to destroy things.

I can still see that scene in great detail after all of this time. He apparently didn’t succeed but he was able to see that a cure was desperately needed. His goal was our happiness. If we were happy we would not destroy our world and make everyone miserable. I’m still trying to follow in his footsteps.

A subsequent article in this area directly relates to how our new universe links back to this older knowledge. The power of the scientific method is its commitment to proving itself wrong.This is not a simple. It is an endless focus on disproving things that stand in the way of understanding and that may work through complexity to a new understanding of older and, seemingly, simple knowledge. It can also be something like keeping a focus on increasing the well being of the universe that we assist in creating by our existence.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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