Your Counterpunch article is very accurate. History is being mostly ignored except for the wrong things being remembered. When societies and their political groups become lost, usually because serious change has distorted their core goals, they become open for takeover. Because they are frightened of the changes that they don’t understand but sense that they are being made irrelevant, they are easily subverted by authoritarians. Power is always the answer if your logic has failed. We are at that point.

My concern is now how to get beyond this mess. The old positions haven’t just failed they have become completely irrelevant. But elements of the old positions are being merged into new solutions and systems. The folks locked into the old ways then scream at the pieces they recognize in their traditional reaction completely muddying the waters for people looking at things from the new perspectives that are emerging.

In short what we are seeing is post-capitalist and post-socialist evolution that is now based on planetary sustainability with individual and/or metropolitan sovereignty. Look at Millennials attitudes toward collaboration and blockchain/cryptocurrency as examples. This combines with the anger in the US at demands for healthcare, livable wages, and free education being completely ignored by the corrupt elements who have hijacked the federal government at the control of the oligarchy. The whole thing has become so corrupt that failure cannot be recognized and confusion prevents meaningful change.

We need to change this . . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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