You should write more on this. I enjoyed it very much. There is a significant percentage of the population that are susceptible to generic manipulators or their stand ins. Arnold, at least, wasn’t inherently evil.

That’s a big part of the problem. Low order sociopaths are common enough that people are not upset with them. Usually they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and their propensity for fabrication and lies shows up fairly quickly. Then people are annoyed but they simply ignore the individual.

Not every psychopath is a killer in fact those are rare. The most dangerous ones are those with significant intelligence totally uncontrolled by any mindfulness or empathy. But these are rate, also. We are seeing some of them exposed as part of #metoo.

It’s very difficult to call how much of their pathology is inherent as opposed to culturally induced. In most cases it is some range of both, I think. The problem with these people is that they may be personable and likable. Also if they are focused on women as objects they may still be likable to other men who would rarely see them as predators.

The really bad situation is the appearance of a family of these people with too much money that can be used to buy people and praise. In Trump’s case he is unmistakably slow and incompetent but learned very early to wave money around instead of charm. Sadly that works.

Sadly this came together in the decline of the US, and the entire 18th century nation state era, producing the perfect ‘useful fool’ for Putin and our domestic fascists to use. Just really bad luck. In another ten years the people behind this and most of their supporters will be gone.

Also, by then, the replacement for the passing era would be in place focused like a laser on planetary climate management. That new era will be AI based system management removing people from the things they simply can’t do well. Process management takes massive and continuous data in deep learning systems operating on the basis of clearly defined algorithms that are self correcting for human bias. We are just about there but not yet.

Unfortunately that very bad timing gives the worst of humanity the chance to destroy everything before we get there. They’re still a fairly small minority but in the confusion they pick up some of those folks who follow anyone who walks by when they are looking for some place to go which is just enough in places like America, to screw the pooch.

There are already a lot of people who are feeling increasingly stupid now for having gotten suckered but that is a hard thing to admit. I’m very afraid that this is going need to get ugly and the problem folks are going to have to have their options severely restricted for awhile or all of our options are going to be very restricted very soon.

In this country we are still thinking we can fix a failed system that wouldn’t work any more even if it were fixed. Those options are all used up. Maturity is being able to realize what you are good at doing and the limitations you have that require you to hand things off to better solutions. Immature stupidity is, as we know, making the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome.

We can’t waste time on having to learn that again. The majority are, I think, very close to the end of patience and finally realizing that the problem people are not going to learn. That can get out of control very quickly when the majority gets too angry to care about rights. But that may be what must happen.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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