You made a start

I’m happy to see someone talking about the problem of the old right versus left focus of the traditional media. It’s no wonder people are confused as the only people committed to that idea are 1) the mainstream, traditional media as they are paid to keep things contentious to protect the oligarchy’s profits; 2) the politicians for exactly the same reasons; and 3) those folks living in the fantasy world of the political parties. Unfortunately it seems you weren’t able to fully escape the old ways as there is no center right. If there were the vestiges of the Republican party would have found someone besides a delusional con artist to elect having spent years corrupting the system to elect anyone they wanted. As it was they lost the popular vote by a large number and have no policy except reversing the very things the great majority of the country want to keep now that they’ve figured out they aren’t going to get what they want.

And what do they want? Fewer grossly rich people, national health care, college education for their children, and some way to make a decent living. Those are the only things that consistently come through in non-political national surveys. Who do they trust? Not the fucking politicians and media people who all work for the grossly rich. I wonder why? No one really gives a shit about right, left, or party in this country now. All the people who do (see above) are just feathering their own nest. Excluding the uneducated whites living in fear because of Rush Limbaugh, hate mongering religionists, and retarded racists, most other people have figured out everything is changing and it didn’t work for shit for them anyway. So let’s move on. Jobs are going the way of the horse and carriage and climate change is very real and very scary but the assholes keep wanting to fight about it. And we have to wait to see if they take away grandma’s pills and our kids are on the run from school debt they can’t pay but can’t even declare bankruptcy to get a break, unlike some people we know.

Ok, in this article you got it about a third right. At least that’s a start . . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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