You have made very good points here that I, and many others, sometimes appear to forget. This is part of a much larger paradigm shift that this type of technology is driving. I tend to see it in that context but we cannot move to the next level of social organization without full automation. It cannot cost more than anyone can afford. The costs of this are relative. Right now we tend to see the cost shown for iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 all at $1,000. No one actually pays that as it come out to about $35 per month.

The cost is for the device and the monthly cost for the service is totally arbitrary. If it were done as a community service it would be free.

As my father use to say, $10 is a lot of money if you ain’t got $10. We need to change things that are public services so that they are available in working form for everyone.

We will need to move quickly to Universal Basic Income but the process will be complicated. This will not be taking from Peter to pay Paul but allocation of national, ultimately planetary, resources as assets to everyone. That has not been done. In the initial form this could be an asset amount held by the government for each person at birth with payments made as dividends on those assets. This is something like sharing the GDP to everyone. This would replace all other community (government) payments, welfare, etc. and assumes national healthcare and free education. All of these are variables in the mix. This could also be done as a negative income tax.

This approach makes a basic life with all needs a guarantee for everyone. It neatly opens up everyone to do what they really want to do. And, no, most people in this situation don’t lay around and drink beer all day. WE find happiness in what we do if we have a choice. Most of the social problems are the result of people struggling to survive and having to do shit jobs to make it. Automation takes away the shit jobs for everyone.

It’s a very different world/

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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