You have it exactly.

I’ve been hashing through this for the last two years and, on the verge of, succumbing to fatalistic depression since November even though there is still as much hope as pessimism in this lurch into transformation. But the hope is an unknown change to our future. There is always the chance that the hope is ultimately not good for us as a species. The planet may be happy but that may be that we are taken down to a remnant.

We know what the bad option is because we’ve had it before and now even the parts that use to work aren’t working. The moral retards and assholes are having their day.

So my point with this two part approach is to lay the pessimism, not to rest, but in a logical perspective. I’m actually amazed as I’ve been stumbling across writings that had this spotted before I really did and identified potentially good, inevitable outcomes that I’m trying to repackage for the current situation.

The best thing that I’ve come to see in the last month is the success of the Resistance as a psychological boost. Trump and the current crop of fascists are certainly not the first or last and are not the only complete idiots that people in extremity have voted into office. They are doing a lot of damage and causing years of suffering already but, of course, the Trumpsters themselves are bearing the brunt but, sadly, not alone.

It is usually a very good sign when you start hearing voices from Trumpistan declaring that the Resistance has failed. And strained celebrations over tentative victories are just as good. The hard part is seeing people who should know a bit more giving in to desperate calls for hands across the divide that is really acquiescence to the status quo as if the old system is still the only choice. It isn’t and it is going to change whether we understand it or not but we need to push it forward. The new form must struggle out of the old, ill fitting, carcass. We are already at the point of no return. If we don’t break free we will die and won’t discover that we will be able to spread our wings and fly. Describing that is where we are going.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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