You have identified the weakest point in my presentation. I”m arguing that in any kind of moral world equitable distribution of assets needs to be assured. That doesn’t mean that anyone who matters gives a shit about that.

As it is only the oligarchs' matter and hence Donald Trump is president as he will do what they want without a second thought. Popular vote or people’s choice be damned. The odds are already clear that Trump will win by theft and then the pretense of popular government can be dispensed with.

Population reduction by 2–3 billion will not matter to the billionaires as long as the military or pseudo-military can keep the population away from their fortresses.

My point was to say this in a way that might cause people to realize that pretending that the election will matter is not going to do it. Sanders is the popular choice because Biden, Bloomberg, or even Warren are ringers and will change nothing even if they could get elected. Sanders would try but he won’t be allowed to win.

All the talk of a second vote at the conference is the giveaway. Sanders will have the votes but, somehow, Bloomberg will be nominated and then lose. No disruption. Billionaires rule. And ICE will begin filling the prison camps with citizens. Even if Bloomberg won the election we would end up in the same place. It would only be because Trump is too far gone and too uncontrollable so needs to be replaced.

Trump isn’t helping by making a fool of himself in India.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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