You have elegantly articulated the basic reasons for hope. And did a good job of naming the carriers of the latest out break of the recidivism disease in America. It is a small planet now and we are well on our way to a new planetary culture but that means infections spread much more easily that in our past. But, to add to our hopeful essay, the breadth and depth of the new planetary culture also brings resilience and resistance to our recurring illnesses.

While we are shocked and fearful of the rapid spread of the fascist infection, neatly symbolized by the willfully ignorant spread of dangerous childhood diseases, the areas and populations affected are relatively small. There is a problem with expanding our intuitive understanding to take in the full planet and nearly 8 billion people.

Trump and the American Republican Party, Brexit, and the other opportunistic criminals in Brazil, Turkey, the Philippines, etc. are dangerous but have triggered a growing immune response. They will be encircled and attacked. There is always as chance we could end up losing it all but, as you say, there are strong historical indicators of positive change facing a last ditch Battle of the Bulge by the reactionary past.

It is also important to remember, this is obvious but people are still reluctant to say it, the opportunists and their followers are not very bright. Most are not as unstable and dysfunctional as Trump and his pet party but they all have little understanding of how things are changing and the irrelevance of what they are trying to sell. They will attempt to destroy what they can’t win but we need to deal with that.

The greatest threat is not in these reactionary convulsions but in the challenge to us to take control of our planet and save it for our related life forms. We have twenty years, perhaps, to eliminate fossil fuels and develop new carbon capture technology while removing growth as an economic goal. That is a tremendous leap bypassing several levels in the spiral of life that has never been done before. Amazingly we can do this, it is possible, but the current instinctive reaction is to changes proven successful over the last sixty years. The folks suckered by that reaction have no idea of what is coming now.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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