You have done an excellent job of justifying a minimal change candidate as the best route to electability. The goal of that candidate, as I’ve said, would be to reverse the disastrous actions of Trump and return us to an Obama style government.

In the best world this would be a full Democratic Congress with dominant majorities. In even a sane world that would be assured in a fair election. In that situation, a decent person and politician such as Biden or any other formal Democratic candidate, would carefully correct as much of the mess as possible and move to implement the broadest and best supported changes to the system. We would get some sort of national control of gerrymandering and probably a lock of the electoral college to each states popular vote avoiding constitutional change.

We would probably get, along with simply reversing the Trump environmental craziness, elements of the Green New Deal although that would probably be limited enough to be ineffective. There is a great amount of willful ignorance that was endemic to the American culture and has been exacerbated to the level of religious frenzy. That stuff is catching and can pull down an entire culture with suicidal tendencies. And American culture is suicidal.

So what do we have? Without structural change we can do nothing about that vast number of authoritarian stooges packed into our federal courts and the Supreme Court is effectively crippled if not a direct enemy of the majority of the people. Otherwise we have what we had in 2016 only worse.

Now this is the best possible world. The reality might be enough Republicans left in the senate to destroy any serious reforms. They have clearly shown that they are intent on destruction because they represent a shrinking minority and plundering while they can so they can buy themselves a bolt hole is their only policy. There is no compromise with people such as that. They have no reason to compromise. Any compromise is a loss for them. Even the most stupid of them (and that is very stupid) understand that.

In this reality even elements of the Green New Deal will be fought mindlessly. The good president will struggle to find a road that represents all legitimate positions and will be frozen in endless battles to get anything. Obama was brilliant enough to accomplish a little even in this situation. That is the nature of our government and in a sane and normal world that is a good thing.

In a world experiencing radical cultural transformation and accelerating climate disasters threatening our and many species survival we need urgent and massive change. This is the real dilemma.

My point is that if we get what we think is best, and most understandable in our tradition, it will kill us. Oh, we all won’t die next year but we will die in larger numbers in all the years after. We have already committed our children and grandchildren to a lower living standard and far higher disaster rate than now but failure to make massive changes in the next ten years multiplies that each year. And we don’t know, really, how this will play out but it seems to be far worse than our predictions.

I’m not arguing with your moral standards as the they should apply to the government in this situation, I’m afraid it is too late for a world with those standards.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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