You got a lot of things right in this proposal. I have been saying that we are at the end of the nation state as the standard for governing social large scale social groups on this planet. It solved some previously insurmountable problems and suggested a very new way of managing human populations but that was based in an era that has ended.

That end is just about upon us but is being desperately ignored in hopes that it will disappear. We cannot manage a planetary environmental, i.e. climate crisis with the nation state model, that will end us as a civilization within fifty to seventy years and, then, reduce us to pockets of existence in the subsequent hundred years.

This is not an internal critique of the nation state model as an abstraction. It is probably the best model for managing districts and regions on a planet with resources and no external threats (except, of course, other nation states). This also is the natural home of capitalist, market based economies focused exclusively on resource extraction and material production providing growing wealth to those nation states.

Needless to say we no longer live in anything like that environment. We almost learned how to do it but ran out of time. Democratic Socialism was the peak but that worked most effectively in smaller nations with a strong cultural bonds and a focus on egalitarianism.

The problem was and is the large global nation states that are effectively empires with the veneer of a representational nation state. Obviously the US, Russia, China, and India exist at this level. Brazil, Mexico, and Canada are grey areas sliding into danger.

The concept of a North American Economic Union model on the EU and steadily expanded to planetary regions could have been a method of survival. The neoliberal, open border, open market systems that enabled the post industrial societies we now enjoy tied to regional trade alliances were the logical development.

We are seeing the destruction of that by the lowest form of fascist, feudalism predominantly in the most antiquated large nation states. This was caused by structural failures of late stage capitalism that has not been addressed by the above referenced large nation states. The representational facade was too thin and was killed by the tradition of racist, greedy power elites hoarding resource production and eliminating hope, after years of growth, for the lowest third of those societies. Lowest is not a level of historical abject poverty but of stagnation exacerbated by most of the pie having already been eaten by a tiny elite of corrupt, political families.

This is what triggered something like fascist figureheads as an aberration used by the corrupt political elite to guarantee their hold on all resources. When the lies needed to be sold are huge it takes someone with no concept of ethics, morality, or truth and no idea of virtue beyond greed to represent it. This is a classic case of over reach by an insane elite about to be destroyed.

At this point there is little hope and few routes left to the planetary level of management that is the only thing that would allow us to survive. The feudal/fascist/tribalism virus has been allows to take hold and is spreading. This is far more than incompetent and corrupt politicians being allowed into power that started it. This is a social and mental disease that collapses civilizations into dark ages.

Ironically I think the idiocy of the antivaxxers is the model. I won’t vaccinate my kids because I can’t understand the science and would prefer to believe someone who is attractive to me. It’s ok because all the other kids are vaccinated so we will be fine. The explosive growth of almost eradicated measles is the result in just a few years.

Suddenly we are fighting to hold on rather than to change to what is needed. Now that is deadly. It is not just a political option.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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