You are correct in terms of facts and rhetoric. Guns should never have been part of the constitution. They are not a basic right. The original meaning was based on colonial militias with an armory to store weapons. As we know the home weapon was a single shot, usually Brown Bess, rifle used for hunting. This is known and has been ignored for several decades due to political distortion. The great majority of the population, as elsewhere, does not own guns nor do they want to. The percentage is small and the are either niche interest people, e.g. hunters, or prone to violence. They own a vast arsenal of weapons for no use other than murder or suicide.

The basic right to life and health demands that we rigidly control and license guns at least as motor vehicles are licensed and insured. Restricting firearms has no relationship to other universal rights. Besides the insanity of mass shootings the greatest benefit would be a reduction in successful suicides over time. There are no modern benefits to not doing this. The number of gun deaths is not relevant on a moral or ethical level. Any preventable deaths are too many.

A far greater disaster morally and ethically is the denial of healthcare that is a basic right. Hundreds of thousands die in this country from that right being denied. Owning guns to kill people, yourself or others is not a basic or universal right.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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