You are correct, I didn’t understand your assumption on timing. Despite what people may think I’m trying to be optimistic on the possibility of preventing full collapse. My own feeling is closer to yours that the system will have to crash before things start to actually change. The hope is that metropoles will be the areas that make the changes. Few people realize, I’ve found, that many major cities have Foreign Ministries and are directly participating in international associations for trade.

The part I haven’t discussed here (but many other places) is the role of ML/AI in this. That will facilitate much of the administration of the new cities or metropoles. This is what will make direct democracy possible.

Interestingly the movement now in the US is to remove all electronic voting due to fear of Russian or others manipulation of archaic electronic voting systems. This is a way to further restrict voting to protect the old nation state with their semi-representative governments. We can effectively vote online with two factor authentication using biometrics. The goal would be regular voting by all residents with citizens having a requirement to vote on larger issues to whatever idea works for a particular digital metropole. Voting would be required but the option of selecting a proxy to handle your vote is the most likely way to handle the legal requirement to vote.

In terms of options for assets, fiat currencies would be handled by each individual. Their asset base would be given as a trust grant that could be loaned to a metropole in exchange for digital citizenship, for instance. In that case the your city-state would pay you interest on your share of planetary assets and that is your UBI. Aa investor in the digital city-state you could also receive a percentage of what is now called net product each year. You could also invest in the markets in your city or anywhere for additional revenue.

A quick explanation: Blockchain holds your currency or assets and is your sovereign wealth. No one else needs to store it for you or to charge you for that service. You may choose to keep your income in an exchange ‘wallet’ but it is always safer to keep your own wallet allowing you and no one else to ahve access to the private key for your wealth. No banks are needed.

Yes, this will be distorted by nations in an attempt to gain control and block your ability manage you own assets. That is the basic change that needs to be made.

This is all in process now but is growing up around the collapsing structure of the nations and the crude capitalist system. That is basically destroying the planet and preventing effective response to climate change in order to funnel all wealth to the elite class so that they can survive the collapse. The possibility is to simply bypass them with the new systems and new currencies.

It won’t be easy.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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