You are correct. In previous writings I’m identified this process of change to require a public, official network leading to a planetary public network. That addresses the problem of private network distortions as well as, ultimately, elimination of any governmental censorship.

This could be done by setting up a secure public network used only for public information, discussion, and voting. Administration of this network would be as a utility with freedom of expression but with input access limited to citizen credentials.

With everyone unable to hide and with laws to prevent impersonation, trolling, etc., this would protect open access. The responsibility is on the individual. This is now being modeled in China. The problem there is that it is under the control of a governmental elite making it easy to abuse. Having fully , transparent, and democratic administrative rules would reduce the ability to manipulate and abuse.

What we have now in America is the exact opposite with propaganda and manipulation as the primary purpose of the public Internet. The real issue is not whether this should happen but who controls the rules. The Chinese appear to be very broadly supportive of the social ranking system because if reduces abuse and punishes those who do not act responsibly.

Getting something like this to work in America requires a major change in thinking. What is it that we want and what must we change to achieve that?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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