You are certainly correct. The North Korean hermit state ruled as a feudal kingdom has waged war on its own population through three generations. As a nuclear power this is a massive problem that cannot be allowed to remain unsolved. But there are 25 million people in North Korea. Generations of propaganda have convinced many that there only hope is absolute fealty to Kim Jong Un for the same demented reasons that Trump is using and his Republican stooges have been using for over forty years. Identical. Blowing the living shit out of some large percentage of those people is not going to solve the problem. You tell me that Trump is going to do anything other than that. He can’t understand that let alone anything else.

I didn’t mean to run on here but North Korea is Chinese, Korean, and Japanese problem directly. They need to solve it and the ruler of this planet is China. They know that the US is gone and that it is their time. That puts incredible pressure on them because, though they’re building some naval power they have nothing like the US military and don’t want anything to do with that. North Korea scares them to death because when the shit comes down and Kim Jong Un and his government fall a big chunk of those 25 million are going across the border into China. Look what a few thousand refugees did to this country. And the Chinese population is getting happier but the crack down on the internet in China shows what confidence the government has in their own people. So blow up the center of Pyongyang. What could possibly go wrong?

Can I make this any clearer? And I haven’t even mentioned Japan. What needs to happen is to get the US, and it’s gibbering idiot, put back in our box and let the grownups work to calm the other idiot down. Damn near everyone on this planet knows that things are out of control and both Trump and Kim Jong Un need to be removed and replaced. Then we try to seriously fix this stuff without fuck brained idiots pretending to be superman.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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