You are absolutely correct. The large majority may rise up but the none of this is a surprise. Almost everyone admits that Trump is a low grade criminal and an inveterate liar with close ties to Russia but to the supporters this doesn’t matter because he talks tough and they have been constantly told that is the only thing that matters. How will legal proof change that?

The greater problem is that our government has been taken over by people who have no problem with this. They refuse to accept any facts on this or simply declare it “fake news” that means they don’t like it so will ignore it no matter what.

The techniques being used by Trump and the core people noted above were developed by the KGB and are the speciality of Putin. Simply deny everything and make outrageous claims and then change those claims and make new ones. People become exhausted trying to figure out what is real. That is the goal. We have watched this being played out over the last two years. Simply deny what you said publicly and then deny that.

Now we are seeing the story being set up to justify canceling (invalidating this falls election). It will be overwhelmingly for the Democratic candidates so Trump is saying Russia is working for them. What? Russia helped him win. People are tired of hearing about Russia and the 2016 election and Russia interfered. This is being subverted to say any vote against Trump is Russian manipulation. And Putin will help.

This will create great confusion and anger and people will be shouting about not knowing what is true so you might as well believe whoever you want. See what I mean?

While the national faith in justice and right is there it has been so undercut from the center that it haas no strength. Millions of people in the streets day after day would bring Trump and his government down. Who will do that?

They will say they do and may show up for a carefully planned Saturday demonstration (which will be ignored by part of the media) and then everyone will go home and wait for something to happen. And what I described is what will happen. Outrage? Yes. Exhaustion? Yes. We all have work and families so let it go.

This is how it it being programmed and it is working very well.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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