You are absolutely correct. The complete bankruptcy of what passes for conservatism, particularly in America is now crystal clear. They have abandoned all policies except racism and locking in authoritarian exploitation. As wide polls have shown the majority of the population and the great majority of youth understand the collapse of capitalism and the danger of allowing a reactionary minority to hold power by default and in the absence of shared goals.

And tricks of the authoritarian and bigoted groups allowed the incompetents to slip in riding the general malaise as late stage, extreme market capitalism corrupted politics in the post industrial world. This pretense has been destroyed by Trump and the failure of the two party system. The only way this will survive is the complete redesign of the failed Democratic Party. Making it a true Social Democratic Party may allow it to survive. But that is a short term solution.

We are entering an age requiring planetary sustainability and that will only happen with broad citizen action driving economic and scientific ecological change. To achieve that the nature of state and metropolitan government must change in fundamental ways. Direct democracy powered by Machine Learning based regional administration can achieve climate goals while redirecting planetary assets to citizens.

This has never been possible before and will quickly supplant old and failing systems. The fact that action must accelerate in order to handle massive climate migrations is the largest motivation history. The completely disastrous anti immigration emotions driven by feudal opportunists are both ineffective and morally reprehensible.

We have come a long way in the last fifty years but we have far yet to go. The great majority see this and have seen the stupidity of the old reaction. It’s just a much bigger change than can be handled by aged and failing American system. Can it transform for the future or will it die in the wreckage of the past?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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