Yes, we started very seriously to take the world apart and try to get it right by eliminating the ugly parts. But the ugly parts were imbedded too deeply in our generation and slowly became malignant. And then we discovered we were outnumbered.

We can be proud of what we accomplished but that was really just doing what had been long talked about but never really tried. The trouble was we thought we all understood but most didn’t.

The best we could do was the Clintons and they ended up, as many of us did, believing the things their parents had said and didn’t question the goal. The result was what we often get, part of an answer and some things that worked and many that didn’t.

Capitalism was accepted although it was structurally doomed and we knew it because we had been educated. But the weight of cultural inertia was too much for us and it was just easier to work at being successful according to the old standards. The neoliberal trap was the breakdown of the planets trade barriers and the beginning of planetary integration but no one could imagine allowing people to move with goods and currency.

That meant that low wages were very profitable for neoliberal rulers. Just enough was allowed to trickle down to raise living standards and give people a taste of the poisoned fruit but the industrial states lost their factories and had nothing to replace them except low wage service jobs.

The irony is that the world began to merge but by taking from Peter to pay people with different names. But people weren’t allowed to flow the same way that goods and services flow in an open market. And when they did our generation hated them and just wanted what our parents had.

The capitalist failure has always been the collapse into monolithic empires based on limiting goods by charging ever-higher prices while exploiting everything that can be touched. That was fine for a could of hundred years but we hit the sustainability wall while still driving profits with scarcity.

But suddenly we need to give everyone enough of their share of this planet’s assets to survive because the old economy had to stop. Take back the trillions of hoarded dollars and we have time to deal with the pandemic and bring the rest of the planet back to health. As a bonus, we get the knowledge that this can be done.

Hmmm, let’s use this to solve our other, even bigger problem. Maybe our great-grandchildren don’t need to suffer, struggle, and die with an alien climate.

Maybe there is hope yet. We just need to quarantine the malignant minority until the changes are made.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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