Yes, we know the problems and they are recurrent. But there has been tremendous progress over the last three hundred years and accelerating progress over the last fifty. That’s what makes a sudden lurch into old stupidity so hard to take.

Unfortunately this doesn’t get easier. You could say that succeeding in not blowing our planet away is relatively easy. Repairing deadly climate change is hard because that will take the rest of the century and we haven’t yet learned to think in planetary and century terms. That’s what we need to do and I think it is possible but we need to get our social problems at least under control. That will take some seriously different approaches to social management.

On the positive side we have many people reading and writing here who are open to what needs to be done. The real problem people are relatively few but there is a much too large a group who have been brainwashed into stupidity.

That is an old and disliked phrase in this country because we insist that advertising is not harmful even though it lies. Advertising is what the old Soviet system didn’t figure out although Albert Speer made a good start at it for Adolph and folks.

At what point does a serous diet of misinformation tied to key term programming produce someone who can no longer be considered competent? And who judges that? A very difficult question. Everyone in a mob may be temporarily insane. In this country we are dealing with mob mentality now.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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