Yes! We have unsustainable redundancies in public education and a structural inability to fund those redundancies. I have been an advocate of a more limited stage of this for some years after spending almost forty years between community colleges, public high school “redesign”, and enterprise technology.

My position is that the last two years of high school are wasted for the better students and are failed remediation for the rest. This has resulted in public community colleges desperately trying to rush high school remediation on incoming students who are quickly giving up with lack of any reasonable goal to achieve except endlessly repeating college preparation.

The lucky ones have connections to get a job or union apprenticeship that pays them for actual education for employment. Increasingly the successful students are abandoning the old liberal arts degree path for boot camps coding and apprenticeship for real education that opens doors. This is incredibly ironic for those of us old enough to remember the status of industrial arts classes versus the elite of liberal arts. University administration still consider CTE courses beneath their world.

And now the easy jobs have only a few years left and the remaining work for hire will require more technical training and knowledge than the current university degree students in America can handle. We have a public higher education ship that has been taking on water for several decades with a temporary, part-time crew, and now the horizon is a new continent with rocky shores unlike any seen before.

Radical action is needed now.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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