Yes, we are ruled by a cult

I very much appreciate your identification of one of the two official national parties as a cult. That indicates the true nature of this disaster that has been a long time coming. While it is historically interesting to determine when things went bad that does not help at this point. This is as bad as attempting to pretend that the US political system has not collapsed. The desire for normalization is very high because people are frightened. We have an incompetent in the White House with clear mental problems. Pretending that he is somehow normal or that his enablers who have also proven to be incompetent are normal could lead to nuclear war.

I have on several occasions raised the issue of this as a very real and present danger to the nature of the government that we have.The nature of the electoral abuses in 2016 were directly focused on distorting both the electorate by removing or blocking voter registration by ethnic minorities and the information that parts of the electorate were flooded with in the final months of the campaign. The group responsible for this is now the controlling party at the federal level and numerous indications are that every effort is being made to suppress voting by any means. Voters are being removed from roles wherever the cult group is in control. That does not suggest that the 2018 election will be valid.

With Trump having lost the vote in 2016 by three million and with the last year of increasingly irrational actions, wild threats, and the complete removal of any “policy” positions, that a future election would be either fair or that anything other than a win for the cult would be accepted? The man ran an expensive, completely delusional, national investigation to find the three million illegal votes that went against him which, only now, has been converted to a simple federal program to restrict voting and remove voters, and that leads you to expect a valid national election in 2018?

The issue is not about Trump now but about the enablers in the republican party who will do anything to retain power. A group that will support a deranged pedophile for the US senate while supporting an irrational liar as president has made it clear that they will do anything for power. They will do whatever it takes to steal the 2018 election and they have the power and tools to do that. I don’t think we can blandly assume this is a simple political difference. A very serious line has been crossed and we disregard that at our peril.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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