Yes, Trump is a failed Ponzi scheme bailed out by Russian money. That is known. My interest is monitoring the poor folks who are either badly overdrawn suckers for the scheme or are bot accounts with a default script. While I would like to think they are mostly the later that is not always true. At the point of writing this I would guess that one of each has shown up here. The interesting point is that both versions are equally divorced from reality, one by construction and the other by indoctrination. But reality is difficult now. In the US we’ve lost even the vestiges of a shared ethic and those people struggling with complex reality can find salvation in the denial of knowledge. It’s so much easier if everything is fake news because you no longer have to think. And those troublesome bits of reality that you stumble across can be ignored.

But there are so many troublesome bits of reality: Accelerating automation that has taken out many jobs already leaving jobs without adequately trained workers. Coal miners are hard to convert into IT engineers. So the economy appears to be running at full employment and suddenly we have a massive and ill thought tax plan pumping money to the 1% who already have stashed fortunes offshore. The same tax plan causing layoffs as the tax savings are used to buy back shares along with repatriated dollars to further pump the ballooning stock market. Controls built in to stave off more disasters are now removed to allow massive plundering that will wipe out the small investors with their retirement funds setting in high risk accounts. The market will begin to fluctuate wildly with these uncontrolled changes. The economic growth is coming from international sources not domestic ones. And symptoms of inflation are expected as the economies are changing drastically as the old structures fall apart.

Too much reality to understand . . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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