Yes, this is the turning point. I’ve come to understand that this massive, complex, paradigmatic change develops slowly but happens very quickly. We are seeing it now.

This is not something that we must design and build. It is far too complex. We must change the way we see the world and everything in it to begin to handle nonlinear complexity. Fortunately or not this seems to happen to our species automatically although, much like over night success, it takes years of work.

Many, many people labor for lifetimes in obscurity or open derision working on understanding the growing failure of the current paradigm while others try to suggest a form that would work better.

Very few people actually think about doing this but they do it as part of their quest for knowledge and truth. These are predominantly scientists and philosophers, although the later group tends to fall into disfavor at the end of a paradigmatic era. That happens, I think, because more and more of them stop making sense in the old paradigm as they try to understand what must change. Beyond that it is people in general reacting to the writings and findings of the lead groups.

Paradigmatic change seems to follow the pattern of evolution with punctuated equilibrium being the best description. Long periods of relative stability are interrupted by short periods of intense change.

It certainly appears that our planetary equilibrium is being punctuated as we speak. Umair’s article here, more even than his others, seem to me to be illustrating this flash change that is happening.

I say this because just in the last few months there has been something like a growing agreement among many people who I read making this realization in the context of their own work.

The kickers, and they are multiple, are the exponential speed of change now and the critical necessity to develop new tools to have a hope of saving both ourselves and the current life forms on our planet. Climate change is the club that will beat us but it is, by definition, complex and nonlinear as well as planet wide.

Our current crumbling paradigm does not have an means of dealing with this. People still deeply imbedded in that paradigm can’t even see the problems that may end us. This is part of the problem we must solve with new ways of seeing life and our role in the universe.

In previous eras of paradigmatic change the planetary urgency wasn’t there. It was possible for the paradigm to work its way through various population groups over three or four hundred years. We have barely a generation to move the majority of the planet’s population to a new world system.

It’s possible this can fail but it better not. Anxiety will increase but things are going to suddenly become clearer and people will begin to agree. Let’s hope it is fast enough and does not get stopped by massive oppression.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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