Yes, the key to saving the great American democratic experiment is the creation of a new Conservative Party. I’ve also written on this in other venues. This is not irony nor satire but the critical opening for a new political maturity. There is a valid dynamic range of governmental management that must be decided by the people who are protected and who’s shared assets are allocated to create success and happiness. That range spans greater individual freedom and opportunity to greater egalitarian security and social goals. This is the most basic bipolarity in a country founded on republicanism, inherent human rights and a market based economy in the 21st century. This creates the field of contention and debate for political discourse and public decision making. Planetary and biosphere maintenance, human health and well being, protection of rights and intellectual opportunity are the only objects of that discourse and decision making process. The language of that discussion must be based on open scientific analysis. Beyond that all thought, imagination, art, spiritual ideals are available to the political discourse. The Conservative opposition and the Progressive opposition work as they will in a healthy political environment summarizing their respective ends of the political spectrum. But how do we get there from a failing system?

In our current political disaster that is also reflected in other economically mature political units (nations and cities) the problem is the rise of forces that deny rights, honesty, and scientific fact. These are broadly perceived as invalid although mass media are allowed to distort this to increase profits. The long collapse of the Republican Party culminating in the rise of an incompetent opportunist based on racism, misogynistic hatred, and open manipulation of greed and anger needs to be terminated. People who attack others or demand the denial of healthcare, nutrition, housing, education or opportunity on the basis of race, sexual role, ethnicity, or spiritual belief must be handled via our judicial, health and/or educational systems and must be excluded from our political discourse. Maintenance of these standards, of course, is a legitimate object of political discourse. Our current Progressive candidate is actually an excellent example of what could be the new Conservative (old Democratic) Party representing minimum change and supporting oligarchic minorities and that has disenfranchised what appears to be plurality or simple majority of our population that is demanding popular rights to our shared resources. That New Democratic Socialist party is currently forming providing an historical precedent of political unit division. This appears to provide a major necessary transformation based on minimum possible change.

Reestablishing shared moral, civic and completely secular standards that existed but that have been almost completely destroyed is the first and foremost challenge. Donald Trump may well have already made this possible. Politicized religionists (distinct from camouflaged authoritarians) are also a problem but with the accelerating decline of traditional religion this may take care of itself. By splitting the Democratic Party it becomes easier to form a economic Conservative party and to leave the problem of “social conservatism” in the wreckage of the Republican Party that it helped kill.

Sorry for the long response but I’m really interested to see if this makes sense or if there is another path out of this. Of course I’m thinking about the failure to find any way out of this, also. That is very scary. The AI based economy that is upon us makes failing to act politically a death sentence. . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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