Yes, the immediate problem is the transition to the post-capitalist and post-socialist system. The role of democratic socialism has become the natural political form for this transition but it is important to remember that this is part of a far larger paradigmatic change. As noted we are working toward a post-scarcity economy with fully automated production for all normal needs. But the transition needs to follow a logical sequence.

Unfortunately we are currently caught in the reactionary phase of this very large change. This is the equivalent of stress induced social insanity exacerbated by old fashioned opportunists seeing their world disappear and grabbing whatever they can get. We need to understand what this entails and what is required to get beyond it.

Sadly we have too large a percentage of the post-industrial world population that has been frightened and suckered into self destructive attitudes. This is a contemporary version of the Luddite movement in there first industrial revolution. It needs to be contained.

The majority of the American population sees the absurdity of what is happening in the name of national politics but have no idea how to counter this obvious instantly. You just can’t reason with the irrational.

Fortunately we are very close to the beginning of geometric returns on automation and machine learning. The first stage of change needs to be installation of national public services for healthcare and free education. The second stage is probably a national guaranteed income allowing the reduction and then elimination of the scattered and consuming welfare a supplementary benefits system.

These, starting from now, will coincide with the steady transition of jobs to automation requiring additional education for people as part of that transition. Automation will actually augment human activity rather than just replace it. Many jobs will be lost but the biggest need will be for higher trained people focused on human services in conjunction with automation. The existing failing capitalist, neoliberal governments cannot handle that as it is simply cost with no profit for them.

And that is the other aspect that needs to be developed. We need to move beyond material manufacturer and endless growth to sustainable and balanced economics. This will coincide with the rise of automation and reduction in cost for necessary goods with movement of human survival away from any type of profit model. At some point people discover that what they have is enough and optional or luxury items are truly optional.

There is a lot more to this.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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