Yes, the horrible scenario you describe is what has held most people, I think, with some knowledge the US system from demanding immediate impeachment of Trump. It is clearly possible that a truly immoral hate monger would be worse even than Trump. There are indications that Pence is not as stupid as Trump and that is dangerous.

My point is not to ignore this massive problem but identify what I see as the emotional move of the mass population. Despite the combined effort of the republican party and it oligarchic owners the level of corruption and crime, not to mention gross incompetence, of the Trump regime is impossible to cover up. This nation operates with a very limited representation system that is easily manipulated. That is controlled by emotion in conjunction with massive voter suppression.

This cuts both ways. The majority of the population either amazed at Trump’s corruption and ignorance but they realize they have little control of the situation. As a result they mostly ignore things until they are directly affected by increased taxes when they were told they would have savings, gestapo tactics in their neighborhood, disgust at egotistical criminals in high places. To these things they react emotionally and disgust with anger is the dominant ‘thought’.

We are there now. Being rational about having an equally despicable scum on deck to replace Trump is not a consideration. They decide they want the criminal scum gone. Rational though is not an option. The Democratic leadership waffling and trying to protect the system is bullshit. They realize that this is impossible to control and once the cleaning starts they are as equally hated as the Republicans. So it is a massive ass covering that has blown up.

How do we handle this. Luckily Trump regime was able to be allowed to survive for two years. They should have at least censored Trump early on and they may have been able to survive. We are eighteen months from a, yes badly corrupted already, election. I suspect that Trump has less than six months before this results in impeachment. That can be run well into 2020 until Trump is either forced to resign or removed. If, as I and others suspect, he will refuse to go and try to barricade himself in the White House the US political system will collapse.

If he is removed by some means and Pence is not also removed the level of disgust will be so high that even a corrupted voting system will mean the removal of almost everyone. And as that is what is needed anyway, the US may have a second chance. In fact this is the only way I see it having any chance.

So this is why I’m seeing the need to go with the impeachment wave. This is going to happen now, anyway. We need to make the most of it.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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