Yes, it will change. The irony is the potential that we have unleashed, via technology to create a sustainable and innovative civilization on this planet may be overcome by the glorification of tribal instincts. That glorification is the work of people corrupted by greed who consider themselves brilliant because of their skills at crude manipulation of others. In societies with greed as the only public virtue these are the people who gain power.

This had long been recognized as spiritually and morally evil. Historically sometimes bad shit happens. Through a series of mistakes and accidents a very large country gained great wealth and power but lost control of its greed. In fighting for what it thought of as freedom it became what it had fought against.

Unfortunately, history being fickle as hell, great power encompassed the entire planet and the great wealth came with a bill in climate destruction. This was understood just as the great power declined into corruption and political collapse threatening to pull the whole planet down with it. The rulers controlled by greed refused scientific knowledge as just lies like their own lies. Everyone was trained that everything was a lie and only power and material wealth made truth. And the only truth was greed.

Besides those with vast wealth could build their own protected estates. Many peyote were made to think that making sure the vastly wealthy to increase their wealth would make it possible for them to suddenly become vastly wealthy. Logic was not emphasized in the minimal education that people received.

Sound familiar? There is a lot more to this but, in the end, I don’t see any reasonable way to fix this without completely restructuring how we mange our societies. There is just no magic cure.

More and more people realize this. Will it be in time?

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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