Yes, I agree. There is at least two other parts that need to be talked about. As usual this starts at a level of complexity that almost defeats us.

In your context we are always dealing with standard distribution and outliers. The historical background has the great majority shifting to the work view as inevitable barring the fringe because it works.

In the past it didn’t really matter to most people whether we circled the sun or it circled us. For most people, even, Newtonian or classical physics didn’t matter that much. Weight, gravity, momentum, and reaction work for whatever reason. This works just as relativity and GPS works without knowing how it does. But now it does, not because those things have changed but because the universe is a very different thing if you have internalized the reasons for them.

Where this is going is the collapse of the Cartesian model of mind versus body and everything but mind being dead material that bangs around mechanically. The acceptance of the new universe goes further than the current world that had to eliminate all causes but physical action/reaction including all teleology and formal cause. It now eliminates physical objects that are, actually, a field of potential that are completely integrated and reactive to sentient awareness.

This is the process of destruction of the old (modern or scientific world view) that can’t handle complete integration with sentience as the teleological process of this universe.

This solves the problem of meaning and, incidentally, the clumsy split between physical science and spiritual meaning best described as independent magisterium by Stephen Jay Gould. That goes away, not by conquest, but integration. In the emerging universe sentience is the meaning and the force for evolutionary development.

The reasons to keep the rigidly hierarchical remnants of our mythological age alive to satisfy the needs for meaning simply disappear. The elements of truth in those traditions are, already, part of the emerging universe as psychological archetypes. And those can be used to create an array of new realities.

This is becoming seriously amazing.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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