Yes, by any historical, world model Trump should have resigned. But as the American pattern has been only death or articles of impeachment it is not surprising. Only Nixon resigned with a threatened Senate vote.

Everything you say is true. He has losses it all but with no idea of what he should be doing. He is desperate and that is truly dangerous for someone with his mental disability. He must have precise and adulation. Nothing else matters. And he picks who that adulation must be from.

That is his critical failure. He has a always been able to load the deck for himself mostly because no one else wanted anything to do with disasters. He now is being brought down by forces he doesn’t even understand. His appeal to his based does nothing for that as they have no idea what is happening, either.

His remaining crumb is the brutal and ignorant attack on immigration and a ridiculous walled border modeled on Israel’s shame. That is not going to happen so what is he going to do?

The destruction of the market, totally generated by fear of the insanity being displayed, has been turned into something far worse, I’m afraid. The massive buy in today was the beginning of incredible volatility. The market is increasingly removed from reality as it is back in the range of violent collapse. The number used are artificial and have been honed for the last thirty years to boost artificial growth with a wild variety of financial “instruments”. The world economy is showing that it has tipped into bear territory but is actually hanging on a monster cliff of radical, planetary change.

I expect to see a period of celebration of the greatest one day growth in history that will be followed by a massive drop triggered by the increasingly wild, insane, impulsiveness as Trump tried to claim this all fo himself. Much of the gain today is preparation for shorting these things to make serious money on this volatility.

That will also anticipate the indictment of Trump and his family. The real money is to be made on market crash if you are a player on the inside. The signals were there that drop was unwarranted in their small world so others would buy and now others will sell because they are trying to get it both directions. Nothing fundamental has changed.

Except the clock ticking on increasingly violent climate change events. The oligarchs are playing this for all it is worth and that is why Trump was thrown into this to blow it all up.

It makes me nervous to even say it now but at some point in the very near future a broader segment of the planetary population is going to realize that a truly stupendous amount of the planet’s urban properties that is used as collateral against all the market games will be worthless underwater.

As soon as sea level rise is less than thirty years in the future for some very expensive real estate there will be massive discounting. Having ignored it steadily it will come home to roost and panic will probably set in. That will spread and worsen probably triggering the final collapse of capitalist systems as well as full failure into warlordism and chaos.

Unless we get control of this very quickly and begin building a new system able to handle massive change while preventing greed driven insanity as the basis for an economy.

Happy New Year.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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