Yes, all people on the planet with some sense of reality and the brutal future we face can begin to breathe again. We are facing diverse pandemics, only one of which is virally caused pathological. The resurgence of fascism is vicious, particularly due to its racism, and produces social pathologies, as illustrated by Trump's followers in the US.

While it is nice to count the success of blocking insanity, insanity is still virulent and won’t be cured by allowing it to fester. How to do that and recreate a new, more viable form of democratic government is a challenge that requires new thinking. And that need for new thinking is what drives the most frightened into the arms of opportunistic warlords.

That these opportunists are often not bright is small protection as they may be charismatic to the segment of the population who have avoided rational thought. That we can still have 40+% of the population in one of the most educated cultures on the planet fall prey to this shit is a frightening lesson.

The existing public administration system based on a totally corrupt political system structurally entangled with racism and various forms of bigotry needs to go and quickly. We no longer have the option of looking for historical alternatives because none of them are relevant as none ever dealt with planetary problems.

The only relief is very brief, indeed. Trump and the Trump Party is already in full scorched earth form. There will be no goal but generating outrage, suffering, and confusion just as has happened for four years. Sadly there is nothing to save now, so the destruction may quickly lurch to insane and violent levels.

Biden and Harris are, at best, battlefield medics. They may patch things up a bit, but there will be a lot of triage, and the fighting will continue.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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