Wow, I’m impressed. I just had finished responding to a couple of my followers lamenting the difficult that I regularly describe in breaking the old political paradigm when I started reading this. It addresses the key issue as I see it: Local versus Planetary or direct democracy versus planetary management.

The highlighted statement triggered something I had not thought about in years. Yes, maps are not the territory and maps are the paradigmatic images of the those who created the map. Our maps are now relics of a failed paradigm. But they are not the planet on which we now live.

The critical spatial transition of the modern (Western) world was the scientific movement From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe: Alexandre Koyre. We are now transitioning to a different form of reality. I could say that the globalization was a logical result of the infinite universe but the problem is that it is not really infinite on our planet.

Our communities now need to be diversely local and self ruled but parts of a planetary virtual community that defines our limits and our focus. Our old political and economic systems cannot do that, in fact, can’t even understand it. For the parts of our population who cannot see we need to restore their vision. But the problem may be that that they don’t have eyes.

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