With care, I think this analogy is apt. My point in this article was very simple, you need to watch for signs that the wound is starting to heal but it takes and has taken longer than we are willing to allow. The scab needs to go but pulling it off too soon just starts another scab. We are are locked in continuously poking our scabs that, then, become thicker.

There is really no Russian thing except that Putin accepted Trump’s allegiance knowing that Trump is mentally unstable. Putin’s KGB training could not leave that alone even though he has been very careful to remain aloof. Trump and the US in its final stage (yes, very much like the USSR) is a delusional and hurting million pound gorilla. Russia is a relatively poor and weak country and needs to be very careful and shrewd to succeed or the bear will be forced back into hibernation to survive.

I’ve not written about this much but, while Putin really wants respect with his power, he cannot escape his KGB heritage. It’s really hard to change what the rest of the planet expects you to be just as he cannot escape his trained responses to situations. This, of course, applies to all of us in our respective cultures.

This is not psychoanalysis but I think Putin is trying to present to the rest of planet that what he is doing, using Trump to greatly weaken the US, is a public service. No one wants the most powerful nation to be a rogue state run by delusional and impulsive criminals and that is where we are now.

Russian history gets heavily involved in this. They missed the 19th century exploration of republican, representational government and tried a forced jump in 1917 that landed in an even more totalitarian system. The collapse of the USSR and its lurch into some kind of US fostered republic was, I think, doomed because neither the people nor the administrative class had much sense of how that should work.

Russia has spent two hundred years out of sync with planetary political history. Putin is intelligent enough and experienced enough to know all of this. He may come out on top of this but Trump is both a godsend and a death trap for Putin.

The intriguing thing is that we are in a planetary movement to the post US world that identifies, daily now, the failure of the 18th century semi representative governments. Neofascist nationalism is a disastrous impulse when what is being sought is a philosopher king to command the response to the climate crisis and the massive distortions of neoliberalism.

The trouble with wanting a philosopher king is that finding one is nearly impossible. See both Rome and Imperial China not to mention India, Persia, etc. You either get corruption or insanity. One in every two or three centuries you get one and things take major leaps toward well being and discovery. But then it collapses again.

We don’t have that kind of time now.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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