Why are we so easter to commit culture suicide, is a good question. Hopelessness is probably the simplest answer. The more complicated answer depends on where you are and the conditions in which you live.

The Chinese are coming out of it and people on the street see that. They are coming out of it after four bad months, predominantly in Wuhan. This type of infection tends to repeat in waves until full herd immunity is achieved. Until then rigid management of the population is the only way to save lives.

China, after doing the usual attempt to hide the epidemic and pretend it wasn’t happening got their shit together and acted rationally. They were able to hold the brunt of this wave to Wuhan at great expense. They are beginning to celebrate that hard-fought success.

Despite the tradition of corruption exploitation in China, they are not hopeless. That makes a hell of a difference.

While numbers are tentative the more we have the better we can project but there is a tremendous difference by region of the planet. The US is suffering horrendously, and this just started, because of massively corrupt and incompetent federal leadership. Because of these administrative failures, areas of the country, ironically but not surprisingly Trumpistan, the mortality rates are much higher than in China.

Health conditions in the south and center-west are much poorer and little is spent on public health. Poor diets and impoverished lifestyles and Republican state administrations are proving deadly. They do what the idiot Trump says and younger people are dying at a much higher rate than anywhere else on the planet equaling the death rate of the 70+ population.

This will take two years to overcome. It is the end of the hypercapitalist economy that has been consuming itself for years. The great bulk of the people know this and they know that, unlike other countries, the US has poor medical care, no national health, only tattered public infrastructure and no one to turn to for help. They are being told but wackos of various kinds to die for Trump.

Those conditions will kill a much higher percentage of our population and keep them at risk longer than anywhere but the poorest nations so Africa.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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