Whoa, you’re confusing the stories and the players. As they once said, sort of, you can’t tell the assholes without a program. So let’s not get our assholes confused.

Trump is an asshole and so is Putin although Putin is a small scale international asshole. Trump is every kind of asshole you can think of but he is also owned by the Russian oligarchy having been purchased with Russian mob money when he lost his American options. Nearly his entire Trump towers business was salvaged with Russian money laundering funds. That’s why he does everything but kowtow to Putin. Today he was very close to banging his head on the floor at Putin’s feet.

The Russians were working hard to block Clinton and to help Trump in the 2016 election. This was no big conspiracy but normal action to disrupt and confuse the enemy. The KGB/GRU legacy is election manipulation and they have gotten better at it than the CIA. I dare say there has not been a national election anywhere strategically important that hasn’t had one or the other or both into up to their motherboards. They will do it again if we stay as stupid as Trump and our political oligarchs want us to be.

And I hate to spoil your simplified view of the planet but there are several layers of oligarchs running things and they don’t all agree. One thing they do agree on is keeping the common folks in their place and poor. Beyond that it is the devil take the hindmost.

As Mueller has diligently documented and made public the GRU fingerprints are all over the social media manipulation and hacking aimed at Democrats all through 2016. I had audit data from IT research groups that was telling that story in early December 2016. Most people still don’t understand how all the big data stuff works but it does. The styles become very well known also.

Now the American Military Empire is what has destroyed this country as the great 18th century democratic (kind of) experiment. And killed millions of people. Eisenhower was 100% right but the fathers of the folks who own it now bought it out of WWII. Eisnhower was too late and the deals were already done. You can see it in Goldwater, Nixon, and Reagan who delivered the coup de gras to the US. The body was then animated by the military-industrial-petrochemical complex. Which, incidentally, is not interested in climate destruction because they have the money to build their own safe places.

The US military has been used also to maintain the facade of employment and GDP. We have eight times the military of anyone else and Trump, following orders, is demanding way more as fast as possible. Against who? A small portion of our giant military budget would pay for all free university education and national healthcare for our population. Which do we need?

We now have the technology to restructure our cities and regions into self governing, directly democratic entities managed very efficiently by AI augmentation. That would allow the creation of the first planetary economy designed without scarcity. But that removes the massive power of the various layers of asshole oligarchs.

It’s going to be a fight and it is starting now but don’t expect it to be simple and nothing is what it appears. But there is truth and we can find it if we really try.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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