Whoa, Violet, dark thoughts indeed. Having just responded to your earlier story on Trump and the ugly husk of the GOP with sone more darkness, I had to put some light at the end. I should have put a little more.

There is growing hope but it will be cyclical and hard. And the hope is exactly the hope we’ve all seen threatened by the greed, ignorance, and bigotry of the grossly distorted nationalist parties. The GOP in the US is no longer even legal let alone ‘conservative’ and is now a purely nationalist and fascist gang with a few old, 1% owned, militaristic, conservatives stumbling around on the edges. McCain’s display in the Comey hearing told the tale.

But these will go away soon. Believe it or not but logic is taking over and we have a (really) new generation that is tired of the old bullshit. They’re diverse from birth, understand logical process (kind of), and are open by nature. They are also personally spiritual so are relegating the old religions to the museum where they belong. And that will remove a major tool for hatred.

Try writing about how this might all turn out. If that doesn’t work put a picture of Trump on an old pillow and kick the living shit out of it. You’ll feel better. I may do that, too. . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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