Who said this was anything other than a long shot? In fact I think we are clearly in Hail Mary territory. My point of a public proclamation to vote for female candidates first is to break the chains that will give the Democratic nomination to Bernie or Joe because they are old white men.

The issue is secondarily policy. No one pays attention to policy anymore. Trump doesn’t even know what the word means. The Republican Party hasn’t had a policy in years other than funnel all money to their billionaire owners. They’ve done all right with that using lies and racism.

So forget what the candidates say that is longer than two syllables. Any one with moderate or more education knows the disasters we are facing and how great the risk of civilizational collapse. The also know that the US is dead in the water and sinking fast. The reasons for that are too many to list.

The electoral system is broken and has been for years. That’s why the only people who will be allowed are Joe and Bernie and Bernie is just a token. The fact that both are worn out has beens and no one much likes either one is not to be discussed. Bernie's strength is that he stands for what the rest of the planet has already but he won’t be nominated and won’t be allowed to win if he is.

The oligarchs have gotten used to getting it all and keeping most everyone else two paychecks or one serious medical procedure from bankruptcy. That works really well. They are too busy struggling, hating, and scared shitless to rock the boat.

The incredible power already in the hands of the new Democrats, AOC Ilhan, and others shows how desperate the majority is to get power away form the old stooges. The focus on Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris as the new lead candidates and leaders of the new democracy movement that will replace the current parties shows weakness of the official winners.

Both Kamala and Elizabeth are calling, now, for Trump’s impeachment. That will never happen in the old Democratic Party. Joe Biden might be forced to say that he would not oppose impeachment but his record says he would end up groveling and doing what he is told to do. Bernie has spent too many years as a gadfly to do anything but talk.

Strong women with attitude and willingness to kick all the assholes in the nuts don’t need anything else. They automatically show Trump for the idiot wimp that he is. That is what people want. A male candidate can not do that no matter what he says. Hence the other men are already fading.

Our savior, if America can be saved, will be a woman with the ability to kick ass and rule after winning. Obama ended up being a token because he wanted to join the old boy’s club too much to do anything but go along. Michele Obama could do it but she doesn’t want to. I can understand that now.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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