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Who is controlling Trump now?

The terrible reality of having no adult in charge

By Mike Meyer

I was wrong. I’ve been dealing with the problem of Trump as only a symptom of larger problems that are greatly exacerbated by the accelerating paradigmatic change. After all Trump is well understood to be a cunning and experienced con artist but with little knowledge and few, if any, skills beyond self promotion. He is an obvious opportunist playing for traditional power to maintain his pretense of being far wealthier than he is. His impulsivity makes him dangerous but certainly not unique.

While all of this is true his complete failure to learn anything about the position he was suddenly thrown into as a result of a corrupt election in conjunction with a year of fumbling and failure with no one able to control him has created the most serious threat since the Cuban missile crisis. The fact that Trump has no policies other than promotion of Trump makes him what he has been for years, the useful fool. We have spent far too much time worrying about the role of Putin and the Russian intelligence system promoting Trump and manipulating the US election of 2016. That was a critical piece of his election but the useful fool is always up for grabs.

We have allowed a puppet to assume executive control of the planet’s largest military empire. This was the problem from the beginning but I, for one, honestly thought he would be removed from power before this. Now it appears to be too late. Trump is now being controlled by multiple groups that have learned the simple tricks to make him do their bidding. And these groups are now linking up with each other to play more sophisticated games with the tool that they have been handed.

The collapse of the US political system, long in coming, has made it almost impossible to do anything about what is happening. As I have mentioned elsewhere the US is a vast bureaucratic machine that runs efficiently but now has no one in charge. The domestic groups who have managed to insert themselves into the White House and cabinet are mostly incompetent but those that aren’t tend to be ideological extremists who really don’t care about who they use or the disasters that follow.

The result is an empty state department, a cabinet made up of people scrambling for loot and personal control, and a crumbling Justice Department under a racist authoritarian intent on settling old grudges. No matter where you look the only hope is Mueller and his crew holding an ax over Trump’s head.

The ax will eventually fall but does it matter? It appears that Mueller, an old product of the systems that allowed this mess to develop, does not have the power to do anything other than gather information and take down Trump’s more stupid and criminal helpers. It took a working senate to take down Nixon. That no longer exists.

My hope was that the weight of continuous failure and the size and depth of criminal history of Trump along with his desperate acceptance of Russian oligarch money to maintain his scam would be too much to ignore. I think this will happen but not soon enough. Trump walked into too many deals he didn’t understand and with no one to save him he has condemned us all.

Trump was dazzled by the incredible ostentation of the Saudis in his first state visit. That was clearly orchestrated. Trump was manipulated to be focused on the wealth and power of Arab states who were part of the Russian funding process. He was made to hate Iran and the Iranians had never been interested in giving Trump the worship he demands. Bibi Netanyahu realized this and focused on playing to the Saudi tune to get a chance at using Trump to destroy Iran. The stunningly stupid move of the US embassy to Jerusalem that appears to be possibly Trump’ s own idea is now blowing up.

The breaking of the Iranian nuclear agreement by Trump leaves him with nothing he can do except what the Saudis and Israelis demand. The Europeans are desperately trying to keep this under control and must support Iran. The Russians are supporting Assad in Syria and so is Iran. Israel is attacking Iranian forces now in Syria. If that all seems confused, it is. That is not a situation in which you want to incite riots by stupid acts.

We are looking at the third Gulf War with Iran armed by Russia and the Saudis by the US and Israel as a nuclear power. Trump is an insane bomb being juggled by all of these people. What will happen? Absolutely nothing good can result unless the bomb is removed and even that may now not be enough.

Trump is going to Singapore to talk with Kim Jong Un. Both Kim and Trump are being controlled by Xi. Trump is a bomb rolling around Asia. If he is controlled he may be given a token success to claim but what is the price? We are seeing the unpredictable results of this manipulation as Trump is now backing up on his attacks on China’s electronics industry. Where is he being led?

My mistake was in underestimating the ability of others to grab and use the biggest useful fool. My fear is that some group has gotten real control and is playing the others off against each other with Trump as the chump who will take the biggest fall. But we all go with him.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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