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Watch out for the bushes . . .

hate to admit it but I have no idea who is working in the White House. All I ever see are pictures of the Trump guy and then some other Trump guys, or at least they comb their hair like a Trump guy, and usually there’s some woman who does press conferences but that’s not the woman who used to do press conferences. Actually there was a sad looking guy who did press conferences for a while when he wasn’t driving a motorized podium around New York. That was at least original but he disappeared into some bushes as I understand it. The woman before was skinny and excitable with fake blond hair and became famous for saying that Trump used alternate facts instead of flat ass lied but that was short lived. I don’t know where she went but she’s not visible anymore. Maybe she became transparent? Now there’s another woman who is big and puffy with a permanent look of sad surprise. It really looks as if she wandered in the wrong door and was given a job that required her to make up stories constantly but she’s not very good at it. Everything she says sounds the same. I’m hoping the next one will be more interesting.

It use to be that there were two or three people who you kind of got to know who did things at the White House or ran press conferences or something. Except for the sad looking puffy woman I don’t recognize anyone now. Trump seems to be into sad looking puffy people now. I remember there was a sad looking, puffy guy who was kind of scary at the start who was going to get rid of everyone else including Trump. He hung around for several months but was getting more and more fuzzy around the edges and then he wasn’t scary anymore. Then he was gone. Maybe he went in the bushes with the sad press conference guy and the excitable alt fact woman.

I think I missed one. He didn’t last long and mostly just told everyone they were all dead . . . or fired? Maybe he ended up in the bushes also. What is it with those White House bushes? I don’t think they were such a problem before. You would think someone would launch an investigation into those bushes. Who knows what else might be in there.

hen there’s the really tall woman with really high shoes who doesn’t seem to belong. Maybe she’s in training to be the next press conference person? But I’ve never heard her say anything so that’s probably not a good fit. Besides the puffy sad looking woman seems to be kind of settling in as she has been there for two months? Maybe they can’t find anyone else. Maybe they’ve all heard about the people disappearing in the bushes?

The really tall woman just kind of glides around looking blank or mildly annoyed. Maybe she is some kind of security? She has sunglasses but no ear bud so I don’t know. I didn’t think the Secret Service hired women but the really tall woman looks like she could kick ass if she wanted to. Maybe they should hire her. Then she could kick the other agent’s ass when they get too hot. Who knows maybe they might like that then they wouldn’t be so prone to get into trouble with outsiders. Somehow I could see that working out with this whole crowd.

I keep hearing about Russians but other than the really tall woman I haven’t seen anyone hanging around the White House who looks like a Russian. I know Trump really likes Russians but maybe he’s scared to bring them in as I hear he has really strange tastes when Russian women are around. Maybe he’s scared. That really tall woman looks like she is getting ready to really kick some ass.

I know. Trump should disappear into the bushes . . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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