While you totally correct in defining the danger in the current situation and the need to retain mindfulness and compassion to keep dialogue open, inserting even more archaic mythology into this situation will not help. The forms of religion that have dominated American society are a major cause of this disaster.

While attempting to mitigate the active polarization of the population is essential, it must be done in support of ethical and humanitarian ideals. That will mean educating and, if needed, reeducating people to the danger of bigotry.

That is a challenge but must also be dealt with pragmatically to avoid violence. The means of doing that includes simply separating the population that refuses to accept equal rights and diversity. This would be incredibly expensive in human suffering due to the breakup of communities and families but that is preferable to a descent into a neofascist instigated civil war. And that is what we are now facing.

If there were enough time and we could keep things calm for time to heal the divide, and for the aging white people who are the primary problem in this to die, things would be more hopeful. But that we now know we must focus on a planetary solution to climate change that requires major changes to our lives within, roughly, ten years, simply removes time as an option.

But thank you for attempting to be positive and hopeful.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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