While the mainstream media has only profit as a motive and profit comes from views, not social importance, this only shows the distortions that have destroyed the nation.

But this is being covered at the same level as endless murders of POC by police around the country. The same reasons apply and it can be seen as the irony of a failing system of justice.

Perhaps the same media focus and concern should be placed on arrests and indictments of the murdering police so that all such acts and their victims are dealt with at the same level.

My own preference for this country at this time would be to say all the suspects in known police murders of defenseless people should be detained and indicted first. After all, anyone who is part of a police force in the US now is known to be armed and dangerous with a likelihood of being a racist or fascist militia member.

But that is, I think, the media reluctance to deal with the murder of the two police in this case. All such violent acts against individuals should be handled with equal vigor but we know that will not happen. How do you quote outrage gibberish from Trump and racist groups knowing that there is no justice and no balance?

You might have to explain that and there is no explanation that will be accepted by the media owners.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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