While some of these suggestions to salvage Miss America, excuse me I had momentary stomach convulsion, are a bit over the edge the intent is honest and valuable.

I really don’t think a Las Vegas parking lot is a good location but we need to be open minded. This could be really big so maybe we should consider something like the state of Iowa, Kansas, maybe Oklahoma? There could be tractor pulls and moto cross, or perhaps the contestants could reenact parts of the civil war. But, I digress.

The key here is the suggestion to open this up to everyone who will agree to the title, Miss. Recognizing the tradition of parading in costume, Cos Play would become the climatic event replacing the archaic swimsuit thing. Anything goes. Considering the creativity needed and the opportunity to create new and innovative fashion trends, the entire range of businesses from fashion to farm implements could vie for sponsorship and secondary prizes.

In fact this could have the effect of finally eliminating the old, sexist title, Miss, from common usage and turn it into an accolade for anyone able to withstand the rigors of brutal competition. The winners of wars could be accorded the title Miss. That is inspiring. Reminiscent of the Roman Victory awarded to a general and his (their) legion. This is bigger than I even thought.

A disgusting and embarrassing mockery could become an historical turning point. Congratulations! Well thought!

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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