While presenting a nice survey of some rudimentary evolutionary characteristics it really is a matter of little or no import. The species is increasingly under control of our own technology, as discussed in reference to reproductive techniques for those unable to reproduce.

While I am not an evolutionary biologist I know enough about it to know that epigenetic developments alone have shown the whole process is be no where near as simple as I was taught in university physiology and anatomy courses. In fact it would appear more likely that we will more or less abandon the old fashioned way of reproduction. Sex will not matter at all for our species survival.

In any case, as one responder stated, many homosexual people as well as homosexual couples have children by all the ways possible.

I’m appalled that you know anti-LBGT(xx) people. There is a much greater argument that they are destructive to our species survival. Using history as the source for this, those people are an abnormal fringe group.

Now the real issue is going to be human augmentation and the blending of bio and electronic characteristics. We already have that with a growing population who will spend their lives having sex with robots. The next big question will be whether the robots have a say.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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