While my concern has been and continues to be the very large changes that have caused the economic and political collapse that created the opportunity for Bannon and Trump to grab control, I completely agree with your analysis. Trump is the great distraction but, as you state, Bannon is the real danger and the strange idealog with an evil plan to gain control of all our intelligence tools. The paradigmatic forces set in motion by technology over the last forty years are going to transform this planet into a new, sustainable entity or break us. Part of the irony is that Bannon and Trump are hastening the end for their own purposes and that is basically loot and power. They need to be removed quickly or the entire positive transformation that could result from the collapse of the old neoliberal, hyper-capitalist politico-economic system may be made into a terminal event for our species. The effects of climate change are already driving regional wars and migration that will only worsen as the efforts to stave off climate change are destroyed for short term political control. Whether looking short term or longer term nothing good will come from this regime.

It’s time to focus on this and time to plan for not only how to counter this disaster but to push for regional political action to build another reality. The US media have been coopted for years and are too tightly owned to be a reliable voice against people who have no interest in the rules. The forces of normalization have been working very hard. The one survey that shows Trump with something over a 50% approval is handy but Rasmussen surveys are loaded to older, rural demos that are not relevant to the resistance. If pressure can continue to be increased to block Bannon, Trumps general incompetence at anything other than distraction and media manipulation will steadily erode the remaining support.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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