While many of us work and write at the broad level of planetary economics and paradigmatic change, the reality of the disaster of late stage capitalism is before us every day. It is good to see the reality of this in America clearly described at the level that the vast majority of people face.

We all know the reality: While the US as still the richest nation (that does not apply to the population) close to half struggle to pay bills and survive. There has been no real wage increase in forty years while the richest two dozen or so families control 80% of the total wealth.

The US is the only post industrial country that it is possible to go bankrupt from medical expenses. The majority of individual bankruptcies are from that and, yet, ‘nothing’ can be done. What public services that are still available are continuously gutted for the benefit of the absurdly rich who can afford to buy private services. Obviously this must change.

The larger level absurdity is an economic system based on infinite growth and total decimation of all planetary assets. We know that is ending now and will be gone in thirty to forty years.

That in a the political charade, beginning now, between the branches of the military imperial system we are told constantly that the choice is between fascist capitalism and cronyism and predatory capitalism with healthcare, maybe, added. Minimum standard social democracy with working public services is too radical.

Yet we know from decades of national surveying that people want Medicare for all, the absurdly wealthy to be taxed for the public benefit, and education as an investment in our society. The political system has been carefully controlled so that those things demanded by the great majority are never offered. That has been the game for the last forty years.

And, like clockwork mice, a few fascist supporters appear to claim that everything is beautiful because they have been promised some of the spoils. Their message is for everyone to eat shit because they are the privileged and the chosen.

They aren’t but that have been sold decades of propaganda. There is no security in the US system unless you have at least ten million in capital assets. How do you get that? The only way for decades has been manipulation of the late stage financial system in a fake zero sum game .

Predatory capitalism is not the opportunity to make it in a small business. It is a closed game based on symbols that are gamed to sucker the masses with ever higher debt in order to live and have the things they are told they should have. This means that the majority of US citizens have a negative net value despite years or decades of work.

Again, this is already gone. These people, and sadly most of the rest of us, are dead folks walking. Unless we take this back very quickly it will be decades of chaos and slow death except when it is quick death.

It is increasingly obvious that the nation is lost. It will take the people but also outside help to break this system and bring it into a planetary alliance for our survival. Trump and the current regime were and are assisted and supported by Russian criminal interests. Where do the people go for help?

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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