While I grew with your projection of how this will play out over the next two years, whether or not Trump lasts that long, I think that I am understating the major issues.

You have provided an excellent description of what should and would have happened in the past. The level of incompetence and corruption is as bad if not worse than any p0int in the nation’s history but this is not the same world. What would simply be corrected by a continuation of the blue wave will not correct the larger problems.

The battles over the Mueller report are just starting. The desperate leap to dismissal by Barr was exactly what he was hired to do. That will not stand. Trump is an unnamed coconspirator. Mueller made it impossible to ignore that he explicitly said that Trump is in no way exonerated. There are reasons for that.

Let’s not forget that Trump is owned by Russian interests. Those interests are not going away.

The Democratic Party is managed by the same groups that control the Republican Party. That is where the vast sums of money come from to run the outrageous show campaigns. That is also why the Democratic Party consistently fails to do much of anything other than to destroy any valid candidate who appears.

We have some very good people who have fought and won despite the party. The women who are now representatives are already stunningly successful by simply stating what the majority of the people have known and wanted for years. As we have see that means they will be attacked from all sides.

The giant in the room is the rising carbon count. We are doing nothing while storms, floods, drought is increasing exponentially. The working estimates have been ignored and were very conservative anyway. This year will in all likelihood be a horrible years for heat, hurricanes, fires due to heat. You can only ignore that is happening for so long.

And, as expected, after the mindlessly huge tax giveaway to the super rich the economy is going down. This is a feedback from two years of incompetence and drastically inappropriate actions. By any estimate we will be in recession by mid year 2020.

This will, of course, cause the complete wipe out of the Republican Trump regime. But there is no one to take this where it needs to go. My estimation for the last year has been that the combination of violent climate change, refugee explosion, economic failure, and rising insanity of which Trump’s followers are an example, will overwhelm nation states. The old powers will be, as they are now, totally unable to respond in any meaningful way and will go down clinging to a world long gone.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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