While I completely agree the best solution would be obliteration of the Republican Party in the 2020 election, I am very doubtful that will be allowed. That is not to abandon the normal political process but to prepare for means of moving to alternatives quiclkly.

We now have only a crippled electoral process in a post democratic state. By international standards America is a banana republic with even minimal representation of its population at risk. The American media is ranked as heavily threatened and corrupted with authoritarian propaganda. It is not free.

A functioning democratic polity requires an open and honest electoral system and a free press. That is only available in certain areas in this country now. We have seen what a corrupted electoral system can do just in the last twenty years.

The United States as a representational government has been twice illegally handed to a minority party with an authoritarian and racist program based on greed for a tiny elite. The landslide for Obama was based on the hope of correction. The Clinton group owned him and he believed in the idea that there was a middle ground. That resulted in a death certificate for America in a rapidly changing world.

Compromise cannot stand against extreme radicalization because even a very small radical group will simply buy influence or align with foreign powers to achieve it. They have no standards other than domination and destruction. Democratic principles are based on reason and trust not absolute mindless faith. As a result internal over throw by a extremists is almost impossible to stop if they have gained enough power to destroy the democratic system. The irony is that those who follow democratic principles will seek compromise. But there is no compromise with extreme greed and lawlessness.

Obama’s philosophy of classic American compromise simply allowed the take over of the Supreme Court by authoritarian hacks and the the packing of federal courts by the same. This was done to destroy voting rights and reduce the vote only to the white loyalists fed a constant diet of propaganda.

By focusing on a core group of racists and religionists you need only create channels that reinforce the irrational hatred and fear that these people are know to have. They will then follow whatever orders they receive. They have only hatred as a goal in the first group and mindless faith for a bizarre life after death for the other. What happens now means nothing to them. So they have no real goals and expect little except all others to be forced to follow their desires for punishment.

Expecting a group like that, even though a relatively small minority to allow an open election is a very long shot. They are winning so why do anything but laugh and do what they want.

The majority of the population of America has expressed consistent desires for the socialist forms of democracy by constantly supporting national healthcare, guarantees of work and well being, and protection from financial predators (their banks), and free education. This has been true for at least twenty years.

What little progress on that, almost all negative, that has been achieved is being destroyed. And this is fed to the minority who shout with glee at their self destruction. This is a form of insanity.

While I appreciate your desire to see this as an illusion and the old democratic principles as surviving, I think it is far too late. We are now living in a swamp that allows only brutal reaction to growing predators if we are going to recreate a democratic state.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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