While I can appreciate your sadness at the loss of Christianity as anything but a force for evil, it is something that needs to be recognized. You’ve clearly outlined the corrupt form of the antiquated religion that carries ignorance, bigotry, pain, and sadistic pleasure at its core.

Obviously I don’t like Christianity. Yet most people who consider themselves Christian are good people. While there are relatively few who indulge in the evil inherent in that belief s system, they have always been the ones claim authority. Why is that?

That is an indication of the problem. Any irrational belief system based strictly in mythology that asserts final authority over knowledge is evil. You can actually delete the first two phrased in the previous sentence. The assertion of final authority over knowledge is a sin.

Science is the most important and sophisticated over our formal knowledge systems and it never asserts final authority over knowledge instead always asserting the openness of the question of knowledge, Those that are not corrupted by religion understand that as you seen to state.

Historically the nature of the Abrahamic religions forces that evil assertion. To avoid it requires active denial of that inherent tendency. As a result one must ask why that effort must be made to prevent disaster when abandoning that system solves the problem.

The range of contemporary spiritual philosophies, some based in a number of ancient systems, provide an open ended way of articulating and increasing our understanding of our role in the universe. Why keep hitting yourself in the head with a hammer rather than focusing on scientific knowledge, mindfulness, compassion, and the wonder of which all life forms, sentient and otherwise, and all perceived material things are a part.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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