While I appreciated your views on teaching as a gig. Thirty years ago when I started lecturers/adjuncts did only thirty percent of the course load. No it is at fifty plus percent but that is crashing.

The collapse of higher education is a full transformation to online learning courtesy of the pandemic. But that is only the first stage of the change.

I spend a lot of time in meetings on redesign of community colleges in our university system to survive crashing enrollments and drastic budget shortfalls. As we all know the first to go are the adjuncts and then the nontenured.

Not a good time to be hustling online lecture positions.

But faculty are not the only overstaffed components of a grossly bloated higher education industry. Some campuses have so many student services workers that there is already an effort to see who among them may be qualified to replace lecturers in disciplines with few or no fulltime faculty.

This may also extend to moving the remaining staff not only to adjunct teaching gigs but, perhaps, gig groundkeepers. That is until the ‘extra’ campuses are sold. Everything is virtual so classroom buildings can become business incubators. That was hot twenty years ago and is more limited now.

Maybe we should just convert the empty classrooms into homeless shelters. There is a significant percent of community college students who are homeless and who make their hustle in student financial assistance.

My point is that the lid has been blown off and what is inside has not been pretty for a long time.

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