While I agree with almost everything you are saying here I’m concerned with how this cognitive change is being addressed. Being more forgetful and scattered is not a good thing. Being even more superficial and less inclined to concentrated thought is frightening. I suspect that this is, in fact, superficial. To be brief, the nature of total, revolutionary change (paradigm shift as we began to call it in the ‘70s) transforms language and thought making it alien to the old meanings. At the most mundane level not having to remember things allows a different use for our mental processing powers. Rather than lament our replacement as list makers, our machines are far better at that than us, we have a generation that is better at posing search queries and using the results to create social linkages. I sense profound change in the social nature of today’s youth but like all youth they tend toward the fun and superficial. And, again being brief, perhaps the wisdom that we need requires all of our faculties for purely creative redefinition. Whatever that may be . . . But that ties us ever more closely to our frightening, artificially intelligent children. Yes, we are lost in a very strange land but that means it is also all new.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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