While change only really comes from thinking in a new way about something that no longer yields to a previous way of thinking, there must be a logical sequence or proximity of concepts that makes the new way of thinking accessible. The intellectual and moral bankruptcy of our political system is being forced down our throats as news and entertainment. Ironically (we need a much stronger word than ‘irony’) the inappropriateness of the commentators descriptions destroys the illusion. We can no longer suspend our disbelief in the validity of our political leaders. Hence the sudden loss of pretense that the debate was actually a debate and Trump actually “won” by not sexually molesting any of the female staff if not Hilary herself. Despite their best efforts on Sunday night too many pundits could no longer stomach the charade and admitted that this is a disaster and Trump is so totally unqualified that a year of national time and hundreds of millions in media dollars have been squandered supporting a massive scam. And that scam is all that is left of our political system. This is the moment of revolutionary change.

I certainly don’t know what is going to happen but this may trigger the cascading collapse of the Republican Party and our system of government. This stuff is dangerous and it is not just about thinking new thoughts. I wish it were. Hilary is a very competent administrator but she is not a visionary and is totally committed to the existing oligarchy. If we can avoid political collapse in the next few weeks (no, I’m not exaggerating as I’ve studied paradigm shifts for forty years) and get safely through the pretense of an election we will need to start a very serious, controlled political revolution. Can this actually be done? My thought prior to Sunday evening was that is could work something like this. I’m not sure now that this is enough . . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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