When Legitimacy Is Lost . . .

I appreciate your call to action defining the reality that we face as a traditional loyal opposition. But when does the loyalty end? We have an unqualified individual defeated in the popular vote who campaigned on the basis of racism, misogyny, hatred and daily lies all publicly recorded who is president elect on the basis of an antidemocratic political relic that has failed yet again to reflect the will of the people and we should maintain loyalty? The same political relic, the electoral college, has failed twice now in the last five elections. This relic was maintained because it was harmless as we were taught in our civics classes. It has proven to be not only harmful but deadly. We are still fighting the wars started by the last case of this failure. I can see people across the country struggling to carry on as if this was a legitimate election leading to a normal transfer of administrations. And I see you, Senator Warren, doing the right thing while trying to maintain your constitutional oath and rallying the majority of the population to accept campaigning and petition signing while hard fought human rights are wiped out for the very interests that the minority who voted for Donald Trump thought they were attacking. When is this no longer acceptable?

Secretary Clinton has called for us to give Trump the chance to rule. What are the limits of that chance? To be a loyal opposition you must have a loyal majority. Can we call the remnants of the Republican Party loyal who maintained control of congress via extreme gerrymandering and broad ranging voter suppression while, themselves denouncing their own candidate until he won? And now the party “leaders” who proudly refused to fulfill their constitutional responsibilities for eight years allowing racist innuendo to go unchallenged have come out of hiding to claim a “mandate” to destroy what a clear majority of this country's’ citizens have been demanding? By what right do they act as if they have won a popular election? Even Mitch McConnell, neither an overly sensitive person nor particularly careful with constitutional stipulations, has called for care in claiming a mandate. I think he realizes how tenuous this situation really is and fears for what could result. That is a fear we all must face.

But fear of necessary change can create a far greater disaster than recognition that radical action must be taken to preserve our national legitimacy.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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